Unleash your network of customers

Experify connects your prospective buyers with your existing customers.

Because authentic experiences drive conversions.

We are gradually onboarding more and more brands onto experify.io.

Get in touch below and learn how Experify can help you convert more leads via authentic experiences.

See Experify in action

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Convert more leads

Undecided leads connect with your existing customers via the Experify messenger and ask for an honest opinion. In case of physical products, it's also common that customers meet in real-life to see and test the product.

Smooth integration in your funnel

With help of the Experify Map Widget undecided buyers can easily find and reach out to your Locals. And all of this directly on your website, as part of your funnel and your customer experience.

See Experify in action with one of Europe's largest D2C bicycle brands here.

Engage your customers

With Experify you reward your existing customers for connecting with interested buyers. In a personal exchange these Locals provide authentic insights into their experiences with your product or service.

This is Experify

Higher conversion

Undecided customers experience your products more authentically. Locals create the trust that converts into sales.

full presence

Your brand is instantly present wherever your existing customers are – without the costs of showrooms or retailers.

leverage loyalty

Continuously engage happy customers in a meaningful way and reward them for their help.

Unleash your network of customers

About Us

We are a Zürich and San Francisco based startup with a vision. In times of fake online reviews and paid product endorsements, we strive to establish a new way of authentic consumerism: combining the convenience of eCommerce with local authentic product experiences.

Our company won the Swiss Retail startup of the Year 2021 award, and we're part of the UC Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator.